Membership FAQ’s

Does Federal Golf Club have a waiting list for membership?

All categories of membership are currently available.

Do you have equal playing rights and access for men and women?

Federal offers equal playing rights and access for men and women across all playing categories.

Does the Club have a Student Membership category?

Federal Golf Club has extinguished the Student category and introduced 3 new categories tailored to young men and women who are transitioning into the workforce. Only applicable to those who fall within the specified age bracket/s. More information is available on the membership categories page.

Can I pay my annual subscription in instalments?

All subscriptions can be paid via instalments except for the Classic and Family categories. The instalment facility is outsourced to the company Pay as You Golf. Visit for further information.

* The nomination fee can not be paid in instalments. Payment is required upfront and in full upon application.*

Can I play as soon as I submit my application with the appropriate fee?

Yes. However your application will be forwarded to the Board for official approval. The Board reserves the right to reject any applicant to membership.

What other golf clubs are reciprocal with the club?

We have reciprocal rights with clubs in every state of Australia, many of them in the top 100 Australian courses, as well as two clubs in New Zealand, one club in Spain and one club in China. Click here to view our reciprocal clubs.

I don’t know any members of the club. Can I still join?

Yes, we will be able to introduce you to two members of the Club who can fulfil the Proposer and Seconder portion on your nomination form.

What are the key differences between membership playing categories?

There are no key differences other than Full Playing have 7 day playing rights and are able to play at any time except during single (opposite) sex competitions. 

9 hole playing rights applicable to all 9 hole competitions only OR social play where available. Additional fee will be applicable for 18 hole social rounds.

Can I put my Membership on hold for family, travel or medical reasons?

Should any of these circumstances arise, at a minimum of 6 months, the Club is able to offer a Non-Playing membership for a small annual fee NON-PRO RATA. This category allows play of up to 6 rounds of social golf during the financial year, safeguards your joining fee and gives you the right to return to your previous playing category any time in the future. Non-Playing members need to seek permission to play in competitions from the General Manager, Captain or President.


We trust that this information will help you to decide to join one of the Country’s foremost golf clubs, Federal Golf Club, “the Friendly Club”.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact reception on 6281 1888 opt 1. or email