Federal Golf Club is a progressive and inclusive club that insists on maintaining high standards of personal grooming and appearance, whilst understanding the needs a of a modern community club and current fashion trends. Members, guests and visitors are responsible for following the club’s dress guidelines. Operational staff at the club have been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring everyone follows the guidelines. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in refusal of entry to the Clubhouse or Golf Course.

It is a key strategic direction to engage with the community more and develop our outdoor dining and entertainment options. We often operate in oppressive heat conditions.


Golf Course/Practice Facilities

Clothing must be neat, tidy and appropriate to golf.  

Tailored style trousers, skirts and shorts must be worn. Shorts must be accompanied by socks that are visible. Socks can be of any colour, length or style as long as they are visible.  

Denim wear, drawstring, elastic top trousers or track suits are not permitted. Singlet tops are not permitted. 

Collared shirts, blouses with sleeves, skivvies, turtleneck tops may be worn in or out of shorts and trousers at the discretion of the member/guest.

Clothing must not display excessive advertising or offensive slogans.  

Current golfing fashion is permitted as acceptable. This includes shirts specifically tailored for golf that don’t have a traditional fold down collar and shoes specifically designed for golf that don’t have replaceable spikes.

Open footwear, casual sandals or thongs are strictly not permitted on the golf course.



Dress must be of a neat and tidy appearance.

Tailored jeans and non-collared shirts must be neat and tidy, and are permitted in the clubhouse and outdoor dining areas. Singlet tops are not permitted.

Sandals, open footwear and thongs of a neat and tidy appearance are permitted during warm season months only in the lobby, spike bar and outdoor dining areas, and strictly not allowed for functions, dining area and official club events.