The Golf Of Your Dreams


Andrew with Joshua Shou, (student), Singapore Amateur Champion 2012

Have you ever wondered how good you could be if you had a coach by your side for an entire year like the Tour Pros?

Own your swing
We will give you the ability to find the fairway with long, straight drives and to hit more greens than ever before with iron shots that hunt the flag down.

Short Game Wizardry
You will need to know how to chip, pitch, lob and escape the bunker from a variety of different lies and distances. We will give you these skills plus many more ideas to give you a Seve like short game.

King of the Green
Hole more putts than ever. No more 3-putts, better holing out and start sinking the putts between 8-15 feet that make the real difference. We will hone you a silky smooth stroke.

Think like a Pro
To play good golf you have to think good golf. Learn the key to great course management and keep the card wreckers off your scorecard. Plot your way to success.

The right equipment
You can have the greatest golf swing and short game abilities in the world but if your clubs don’t fit you then it will make your life very difficult. With our expert advice we will get you playing everything that is right for you; from the driver down to the ball that you use, it can all make a difference.

Par 3, 4 and 5 Strategy
We will study your performance on par 3, 4 and 5 holes and create new and improved strategies to help improve your average scores.

Pre-shot routine
Every professional you see will have a regular pre-shot routine which is almost identical every single time. This helps improve focus and prepare for the shot. We will work with you to develop your own personal routine.

Miss in the right place
We are all going to miss shots at certain times. The difference between amateurs and the games best is that the tour pro’s miss in a position that makes their recovery job that much easier, most of the time!

The traffic light system
Red, amber, green. The hole is often cut in a position to catch you out. Learn how to analyse the shot in front of you to avoid pin seeking at the wrong times.

Keeping your confidence High
A positive mind set is crucial to good golf. Think back to your best game and how you felt; there wouldn’t have been any negativity. Let us show you how to stay positive and keep that confidence high so you can give yourself the best chance of playing to your potential every time you are on the course

We offer:

  • Technical Evaluation of all areas of your game
  • Personal Development Program
  • Skill Testing
  • Focus Band
  • Video Analysis
  • On Course Instruction
  • One to one coaching
  • Practice Program
  • Regular evaluation


Andrew Welsford — Teaching Professional Federal Golf Club

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