Short Game


Become a short-Game Wizard

Andrew training the Korean National Team, Melbourne, Jan 2017.

Andrew training the Korean National Team, Melbourne, Jan 2017.

Sound set-up
How you set up to the ball is vital to make sure you get consistency and control in your short game. We will teach you a basic 4-step system that provides you with the necessary fundamentals needed to allow your short game to improve.

Club selection
You can use a variety of different clubs in the short game. We will take away the confusion by explaining which club should be used for each different shot.

Bunker rescues
Better golfers would prefer to be in the bunker rather than chipping over it. We want to make you confident to not just escape the bunker but also start to get it close and make some sandy saves.

What’s your handicap?
Let us give you a simple, measurable way for you to track your progression with your short game skills. Some simple tests will give you your own short game handicap. The challenge is then to get it lower and become a short game wizard.

We offer:

  • Initial Game Assessment and Technical Evaluation
  • Personal Development Program
  • Video Analysis
  • Skill Testing
  • One to one Coaching
  • Practice Program
  • Regular evaluation


  • Members: 3 x 60 min lessons $320.00 
  • Non-Members: 3 x 60 min lessons $340.00
  • Members 5x 60 min lessons $520.00
  • Non-Members: 5 x 60 min lessons $550.00


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