Our Improvement Program is designed to put you on the right line in becoming a great putter

We cover how you hold the club; this will contribute greatly to your ability of controlling the putter.

The posture
The putting posture has some key differences to the full swing posture. Learn what these are and start to implement them and watch the putts start to drop.

The stroke
Straight back and through? Slight arc? Strong arc? There are many ideas on what the putter should and shouldn’t do. We will stop the confusion and show you the simple science behind the stroke and how easy it can be.

The putter
Often the most overlooked club in the bag but perhaps the most important to get right. Length, lie, loft, head type, face technology, weighting and grip; we have all the answers.

We offer:

  • Initial Game Assessment Technical Evaluation
  • Personal Development Program
  • Video Analysis
  • Skill Testing
  • One to one Coaching
  • Practice Program
  • Regular evaluation


  • Members: 3 x 60 min lessons $320.00
  • Non-Members: 3 x 60 min lessons $340.00
  • Members 5x 60 min lessons $520.00
  • Non-Members: 5 x 60 min lessons $550.00

Contact & Bookings:

Andrew Welsford — Teaching Professional Federal Golf Club

Federal Golf Pro Shop: 6281 1888 | Mobile: 0418921270