New Member Guest Weekday Rates

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We are pleased to announce this important change in strategic direction. It is now affordable and attractive to bring your guests to the club during non competition timeslots.

We’ve also changed the opening hours at the club in an effort to service you and all other guests efficiently.

We invite you to take advantage of this fantastic new rate and show the golf community what a special place we have here at Federal. You, the members are the clubs most potent marketing tool of all. 

Another benefit for Full Playing, Classic, Family, Bridging, Young Adult, Junior and Masters Membership categories : you will soon have timesheet access 2 weeks in advance. This is an important change to note, and the new Lifestyle Membership will have one week in advance. The advantages of each category are clear to see on the landing page for new Membership

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests soon.

New Member Guest Rates

New Member Guest Rates


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